Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Exam-time Munchies

I know, I know, people get them all the time. But I don't get them barely ever.

Being hungry for a snack is so inconvenient when you don't have any good snacks at hand. Luckily, I remembered just in time that I still had some tortilla chips in my cabinet, and salsa in the fridge. Just in time for what, you ask? Some kind of colossal disaster, I'm sure, but luckily we will never have cause to find out, until the next time I have a salt-craving.

I'm waiting for my ghrelin to calm down and my leptin to kick in so that my stomach stops grumbling at me (and no, those are not monsters hiding in my closet; they are intestinal hormones! I bet whoever named them got a good chuckle out of it). I think if I were to name a hormone, I'd call it "savvy," for a multitude of reasons. Other suggestions?

You know what's awkward? When your stomach starts grumbling at you while you're trying to study in a quiet pod surrounded by other quietly studious people with tamer stomachs. My stomach has no sense of propriety. Granted, it is my stomach after all, but still! Poor excuse!

You know what's brilliant? Always over-estimating either how many chips or how much salsa you need to put on your plate at snack time. You leave yourself the perfect excuse to go back and fetch more of the other to make up the difference. *grin* Sometimes, eating junk food is totally worth it. Now if only I had some sharp cheddar cheese, or samosas, or chaat, or bhel puri…...

Instead, I am settling (not too much) for this, against the lovely backdrop that is the disaster zone otherwise known as my desk:

Isn't caffeine supposed to be an appetite suppressant? I guess it's busy enough keeping me awake and "focused" right now.

I suppose it's a good thing that now I can't stop thinking about renal clearance.