Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dukes and Pirates

Signs my caffeine detox worked (AKA, ET on one cup of coffee today):

(Disclaimer: May also be signs of excessive studying and pod-induced claustrophobia. 
Read as: side effects of medical school. 
AMCAS should issue a warning label.)

 - I spontaneously start dancing in my seat like a jitterbug

(Please note, this is NOT me attempting to swing dance in my seat, which would have disastrous results, such as me falling out of my chair and suffering a traumatic brain injury after hitting my head on the corner of my bed, or perhaps more tragically, falling out of my chair and toppling my desk over, killing my cool stereo system in the process).

- I facilitate a rum-war between my Lego Jack Sparrow and my teddy finger puppet pirates

- I want to dunk Liz in a pit of green Nickelodeon goo to commemorate her birthday (HAPPY BARFDAY!)

- I work on a ridiculous blog entry instead of studying.

Ok, who am I kidding? That happens almost every time.