ET's Gross Anatomy

In August 2010, I started down a road I will continue meandering along, in various directions, for the rest of my life. In other words, I started medical school. Along the way, I'm going to meet some incredible people and have some pretty unique, mind-blowing life experiences. This is my attempt at chronicling my journey and making sense of what I learn and see along the way. Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones...


[UPDATE: July 2014]
Spoiler alert: I graduated! I might even miss [parts of] medical school. But I am now embarking on an even wilder, more ambitious roller coaster -- psychiatry residency! It has thus far involved a big move to the northeast, much investigation of local coffee shops, slightly more powerful ID badge access, and most terrifying of all, more responsibility. This basically translates into me being a masked, white-coat-clad crusader flitting from corner-to-corner of the hospital in a caffeine-induced frenzy, attempting healing voodoo on all who cross my path. Wish me luck?