Saturday, October 9, 2010

Anatomy of Stuffing

I got back home last night around 11:45pm after an afternoon/evening of studying that started around 2:30pm and existed to highly variable degrees of productivity (often at the zeroth one - and that should totally be an ordinal!). First order of business, use my $5 Amazon mp3 credit, expiring in 15 minutes. And I now have a brand new album to check out! (Thanks for the help, DTD =))

Maybe it was the late hour, maybe I was finally cracking, but as I aimlessly spun around in my chair, my eyes alighted on my stuffed animals and I found myself idly wondering what their abdominal anatomy looked like. Say what?? My anatomy vision didn't get me too far, though -- all that stuffing got in the way, especially with Raja. And Sly was just too small for me to imagine much of anything. I was trying to superimpose a liver, which would dominate his entire front and then some. Oops. Just for reference, pictures:

Sly's the impish/sleepy raccoon in the middle

And Raja is the ginormous tiger Erik is cuddling up to

Of course, the logical progression from trying to visualize Raja's intestinal structure was to Google stuffed animal anatomy! Of course. It took some digging (and I somehow managed to restrain myself for a whole 24 HOURS before more fully indulging my craziness), but I found something super-cool! This answers almost all of my unresolved, burning questions about the innards of my stuffed raccoon, though I think there may be no hope for Raja:

Okay, so he's made of gummy stuff, whatever that's made of, and not teddy bear stuffing, but close enough. And he's a bear, not a raccoon, but it works, somehow. And, talk about AWESOME. The digital artistry, the level of detail, I am blown away.

And the artist, Jason Freeny, happened to have something that tied in semi-perfectly with what I've spent the last couple of hours tackling: the female reproductive system.

Okay, so this image jumps ahead a few months, but close enough. Umbilical cord! Hemostats! Fertilization! HUGE BRAIN! Oh, wait, that's exam 3. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

And this last one is especially for Kevin:

I shouldn't be allowed near my blog after, say, 8pm, because my mental processes start breaking down. Clearly.