Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bunnies and Inspiration

This whole blogging thing is more difficult than I gave it credit for, in terms of both frequency and content. How can I be expected to be consistently witty? I'm already using all my spare mental powers (of which there aren't many to begin with) to remember how best to permanently maim people --err, I mean, keep them ambulatory and healthy!

Speaking of witty, let's start with a story, because that's obviously a logical segue.

In an effort to keep up with my daily phone calls to my mom, I call her at 7:30 every morning on my way to lecture. After the morning pleasantries, the conversation always starts with her asking, "So, what's new?" Now, back when med school started (I say with a heavy sigh, as this was all of 7 weeks ago), I was all excited to give her the full run-down on fun facts from lecture the previous day or the latest body muscles/organs we had dissected out. To her credit, she wasn't at all grossed out, not even when I hesitantly told her about dissecting a breast.

All of seven weeks later, I'm already exhausted and grasping at straws for conversations that feel like they're coming earlier and earlier in the morning. Granted, fall's onset and the whole dark-at-7-am thing isn't helping. I'm a pseudo-morning person (by which I mean I'm not NOT a morning person, double negative intended), but all I can muster is, "Eh, studying -- nothing exciting." To which my mom pretty justly replies "What do you mean, nothing exciting?? You learn something new every day about your body, that should be very exciting! And then you get to dissect it out."

She's right, of course, as mothers are wont to be (darn them, except not really -- it's part of what we love about them, their extraordinary cooking skills being the other part). (Kidding!). But, back to the point. She's right. Every day IS exciting, even if I'm too tired in the mornings to fully appreciate this. And maybe this is just me being desperate to find the silver lining during our pre-exam week when we are all frantically studying our asses off and hoping we'll pass next Monday, but that doesn't make it any less true.

So we have 5238 bazillion arteries and nerves to memorize -- but just consider what an amazing work of art that makes our bodies. So sometimes our cadavers don't quite help us out as much as we'd hope/like -- there are a dozen other great dissections to check out to make up for it, and really, they're doing the best they can. So Merchanthaler's histo reviews confuse the bejeezus out of us -- ok, even I can't find the silver lining in this, except as Zeke keeps pointing out, he'd probably be hilarious to go out drinking with.

Heck, a handful of us managed to have fun this Saturday, courtesy of inter-pod communication! This sounds highly sophisticated and technical, but really, it was me, Zeke, and Laurel doodling back and forth on the glass separating walls with Prajna, Hannah, and Jared. About the reproductive system (mad props to Prajna for her off-the-charts doodling skills). And bunnies. And Zeke. Thumper! Followed by Pickles!

Point being: Don't let the stress and intensity get to you (she says hypocritically). Treat this time like the stepping stone it is, and kick back while you're at it (though not so far back that you fall out of your chair, *cough* Kevin *cough*). Rock on! \m/